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We had a founding session of the P2PVenture project within BarCamp:BarCampBank3. The session gathered more than 15 people and we had a lively discussion on the targets, regulation and mechanism to build and operate a platform to match enterprise projects / startups investment needs and distributed investment capacities.


[edit] Some of the key ideas we discussed

  1. Regulation is quite restrictive, but in the end, this should not be considered as insurmontable.
  2. Regulation can offer a barrier to entry for second movers, but it should be assessed if this does not constitute a too high barrier protecting the current incumbents (traditional investments banks, VCs,..).
  3. Looking for workarounds (transform private equity investments into lending through specific mechanisms, offer financial advice in a indirect way) may offer a temporary solution, but in the end the regulator will probably sep-in anyway
  4. BarCampBank promotes an open business plan model. All the cards will be face-up and people with information are encouraged to contribute. BarCampBank wants to act as a central place, where a validated business plan is built with contibution of the community, where seeding could be found within this community and where the network of the community members will support the implementation of the final project and managing team.
  5. Please add your own recollection of the event

[edit] Next Steps

  1. Start exchanging ideas online and offline.
  2. Figure how to rapidly build a prototype - even if very limited in scope - to see if it takes off.
  3. Please add your own recollection of the event

[edit] List of Participants

Here is a incomplete list of participants. I don't remember some of the names, so please do not hesitate to add the right names to supplement my recalling of the events and amend information.

Participant Organization
Anne Choktsang Bnp Paribas
LouisVanProosdij Consultant
NicolasDebock BarCampBank
ThomasPurves Firestoker
JeanMichelBillaut blogueur
Olivier Berthier Misys
Thierry Roumet NewHouse
Patrick LARDANT Finances Private Equity
Thomas Boury Advanceo
Jean-Louis Counio Consultant
FredericBaud BarCampBank & FlexRun
Stéphane ETIENNE Consultant
Jean Marc Ouvré
Philippe LEROUGE NCS - Crandy

[edit] Links

After the session, LouisVanProosdij quoted the Agregator club. One of its objectives is to fund start-ups at early stage. An ITV of an Aggregator rep can be found here.

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