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[edit] Introduction is a non profit organization. It is affiliated to the BarCampBank but is organized as a legal entity in order to achieve - within defined financial means and rights - the objectives set by its mission:

The Mission of is to foster - through the creation and promotion of "commons" -
the appearance of alternative P2P screening, development and funding platforms
for startups and small businesses' projects.

[edit] Life of the Community

  • we have a Google group dedicated to P2PVenture
  • you can use this wiki to participate
  • you can also participate within the wider group of barcampbankers, to know more please visit

[edit] Events

  • Find on the Events page a list of future events will be participating.

[edit] Current or Upcoming Actions

[edit] Other Languages

  • is registered as a French non profit organization. If you speak French, find out more on
  • If you want to start a P2PVenture group in your own language, please contact us, we'll set a wiki in your own language
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