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[edit] Information and Process Architecture

[edit] Registration

[edit] Welcoming/Orienting

[edit] OpenID:Worth Supporting

[edit] Stage/Gate Processes

[edit] Consensus Polling: Collective Intelligence

Consensus Polling can create one type of process that combines Open Knowledge, Shared Meaning Through Open Communication,and Trust (Beyond Trust Metrics). Because it is a combination of Decision Making, and Conversation process (discussion focused on coming to a shared best decision).

[edit] Prediction Markets

PredictionMarkets can have less weight, but can be given a certain percentage of influence in the overall decision to move project past the "gate" in he Stage/Gate Process PredictionMarkets are useful as a counter-weight to group-processes, but letting people expand their individual thinking, and aggreagating it into an overview of many individual's "best bets" on a given object.

[edit] Open Knowledge Base

It is possible, and advised, to incorporate a native wiki into Drupal. See: for a working example.

The purpose of the incorporated wiki would be to build up extended reference/knowledge around particular projects, to work Threaded discussion into "Shared Meaning" which will be essential for the collaboration that must take place for this to succeed.

[edit] Trust Metrics For Users

This should be discussed. Metrics should not be the focus of trust, but can augment/supplement trust. Trust should first be built upon actual relationships, and relationship building through communication and shared meaning.

[edit] Incorporation of Soft Security Principles

[edit] Incorporation of Rapid Decision Making Principles

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