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Please add links to open source software that can be used in the world of banking and finance.


[edit] Personal Finance

[edit] Alternative Currency Exchange

Cyclos Cyclos is open source software intended for use in complementary currency systems like LETS, Barter, Time bank, C3 (consumer commerce circuit) and micro finance systems like VLC (combination of micro finance with local currency).

[edit] Spreadsheet Software

wikiCalc - The wikiCalc program lets you make web pages with more than just paragraphs of prose. It combines the ease of authoring and multi-person editing of a wiki with the familiar visual formatting and calculating metaphor of a spreadsheet. Written in Perl and released under the GPL 2.0 license, it can easily be setup to run on almost any server as a web application or on a personal computer to publish by FTP.

[edit] Data Mining, Business Intelligence

  • Pentaho: A Weka- based program that includes simple "dashboard" like tools for analyzing business data.
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